Men Holding Eggs one of the Oregon State Library’s “Oregon Poetry 150” books for 150 Years of Statehood

Oregon 150 Poetry Book List: 150 Books for 150 Years of Statehood

In celebration of Oregon’s sesquicentennial anniversary, Poetry Northwest and the Oregon State Library are announcing your nominated list of 150 outstanding Oregon poetry books — one for each year of statehood. The Oregon Poetry 150 books range in style and subject matter, and include poets both well-known and newly emerging — and this grass-roots list has been entirely created by poetry readers from throughout the state.

See the list here: Oregon 150 Poetry Book List

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Poem: Moving

From Moist Meridian


We were friends
years before
that night among the boxes,
unlabeled for fast stacking in the old pickup.
We’re not finished, I said.
There’s wine, and I’m not taking it with me.
Tipping that last ocean view,
you said, I’ll miss you so much, before that half-light kiss
pressed a bloom
straight through the island. Our hands
sands a wave makes
without music, without a bed. A motion
awaited, undressing like a storm
just ahead. So close
without my glasses. Can you see? you smiled,
one hand touching my face, the other driving
the dented guardrail
over the bridge.

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