Writing About Fishing

Night of the Copper Rockfish

I am the oldest in our group, and I listened to my younger friends as we drove through Oregon’s coastal range towards the ocean. Nate and Jarod are biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, Peter is a professor at a state university. Strong winds predictions and the younger men’s concerns – federal and state budget cuts, hectic work schedules, young children and busy spouses – made me hope the trip would offer them some relief. I glanced back at the boat we trailered, remembering past trips that buoyed our spirits during trying times.
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A Governor, a Fly, a Fish, and a Photo

Salem, Oregon features a bronze statue of a fly fisherman, Tom McCall, state governor from 1967 to 1975 and one of the nation’s most passionate pioneering environmentalists. Wearing a tee-shirt and waders, he holds his heavy rod in this right hand, his left arm flexes with the weight of a steelhead.
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